Go Beyond the Backstop: Live Stream Softball with Mevo, GoPro & Phone Mount!

Calling all Fence Dads and Fence Moms (and softball grandparents too)! Are you tired of the sun-scorched neck, aching legs, and the constant desire to be closer to the action on the field? Do you ever wish you could capture every amazing play and relive those precious moments with your daughter years later?

Well, ditch the backstop blues because Fence Dad and Fence Mom have got your back (literally!)

Why Stand When You Can Record and Live Stream?

Fence Dad and Fence Mom aren't just about comfort (although a comfy viewing experience is definitely a perk!). They unlock the powerful benefits of recording and live streaming your daughter's softball games:

    • See the Whole Field: Forget the limited backstop view. Capture every play, from downfield catches to dugout celebrations, with a clear, unobstructed perspective.
    • Become a Coaching MVP: Download replays, analyze swings, throws, and positioning with your daughter. Turn game footage into personalized coaching sessions and help her reach her full potential.
    • Treasure Forever: Memories fade, but recordings last a lifetime. Relive every heartwarming moment, every clutch hit, and every emotional swing together. Years from now, you'll cherish these memories as valuable keepsakes.
    • Share the Excitement Live: Stream the game directly to family, friends, and fans who can't be there in person. Use services like Game Changer or others to bring the excitement home,wherever they are.

Fence Dad & Fence Mom Make Recording and Streaming Easy:

    • Universal Compatibility: Securely mount various action camera brands, including GoPro and Mevo Start, eliminating the need for a bulky tripod.
    • Built to Last: Weatherproof and durable, Fence Dad and Fence Mom withstand sun, rain, and even the occasional errant throw.
    • Simple to Use: Set up in minutes, and capture or stream footage with the push of a button. Focus on supporting your daughter, not fiddling with equipment.

Remember, Respect is Key:

Always get permission from the league and other parents before recording or streaming. Be mindful of privacy and focus on capturing the overall game spirit.

Fence Dad & Fence Mom: More Than Just Comfort, It's Empowering Support:

    • Be there for your daughter, every play, every moment, without sacrificing your comfort or missing a single detail.
    • Capture amazing footage for personalized coaching sessions, memory-making montages, and even sharing with loved ones who can't be there.
    • Stream the game live and share the excitement with the world.
    • Be part of the action, even from afar, and show your unwavering support.

Join the Fence Dad & Fence Mom Community!

Share your recording and streaming experiences, tips, and favorite softball memories in the comments below. Let's celebrate the joy of the game and empower daughters on the field, together!

P.S. Don't forget, Fence Dad and Fence Mom are the perfect gift for any softball-loving parent, grandparent, or fan! Give them the gift of comfort, memories, closer connection to the game they love, and the ability to share the excitement with everyone.