About Us

Matt first started when he noticed that he had spent a lot of time recording baseball and softball from behind the fence.  Every parent wants to get some memories of their kids growing up and playing sports.  Instead of memories, unfortunately, he found he was making his son nervous. It was time to get off the fence and just enjoy the game.

He still wanted to record, and much later stream the games live to his family and to others.  What better way than mounting a camera on the backstop and letting it do all the hard work.   

After trying to find the right mount for a fence by piecing together action camera mounts and parts, he decided it was time to make something custom.  The first iteration was crude and used small bungee cords from the local hardware store with some parts from an old tripod and a 3D printed box to hold it together. 

It worked well.  After being approached several times as to where to buy one, he decided to build a production ready version and start selling them.  Since then, Fence Dad and Fence Mom have been through countless revisions and modifications from personal and customer input. 

The mount you see today is the paramount of all that hard work.  We are based in beautiful North Idaho and employ local labor, use US based materials where available and do all the design and fabrication of the mount here as well.

Thank you for the support!

The Fence Dad / Fence Mom team