The Smart Parent's Guide to Recording Baseball Games: Avoid Distractions and Capture Every Moment

As parents, we all want to capture our little Sluggers' big moments on the diamond. But here's a friendly reminder: please take a step back from behind the backstop and mount a camera on the fence instead. Yes, we know you mean well, but standing and recording from that vantage point is not the best way to document your child's baseball games.

Here's why:

  1. Obstruction of view: By standing up and recording from behind the backstop, you could be blocking other fans' views of the game. And who wants to miss a game-winning catch or a home run because of someone's in the way? Not us!

  2. Distraction to players: Your child and their teammates may become distracted by your presence. This can take away from their concentration and potentially impact their performance on the field.

  3. Missed opportunities: By mounting a camera on the fence, you can capture the entire game, not just your child's at-bats. You'll have a complete record of all the amazing plays, including those made by their teammates.

We understand the desire to document your child's baseball journey, but recording the game from behind the backstop is not the best way to do it. Instead, consider mounting a camera on the fence for a full and unobstructed view of the game. Trust us, your child and their teammates (and other fans) will thank you!

And for a little added humor, think of it this way: you can finally take a seat, relax, and enjoy the game like a real fan, rather than hunching over and straining your neck. Who knows, you may even discover the joy of peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Now that's what baseball is all about!

By switching from behind the backstop to a fence-mounted camera, you can improve the viewing experience for all fans, avoid distractions for players, and document the entire game. And for those who want to take their recording setup to the next level, we highly recommend our very own FenceDad, the ultimate solution for securing your GoPro or phone to the backstop fence.

With its sturdy design and adjustable grip, FenceDad will keep your recording device securely in place, no matter how wild the action gets on the field. Say goodbye to shaky and blurry recordings, and hello to crisp and clear footage that truly captures the essence of the game.

So, whether you're a seasoned recording pro or just starting out, FenceDad is the perfect tool for capturing all the amazing moments at your child's baseball games. Order yours today and start recording like a pro!

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